Staying Ahead of the Content Curve: A Discussion About Smart Content

In order to stay ahead of the curve, more and more websites are making the shift to dynamic content marketing, also known as smart content. This includes knowing your audience and changing your content to what appeals to them vs. having a hard-coded website that remains the same no matter the viewer, known as a static website.

Infinite variations of one piece of content will exist with smart content. Demographic information such as age and gender will be used, as well as certain characteristics like what the viewer has recently searched for, purchased, and offers they sought after.

Users can even be categorized into different groups as the content changes accordingly. All information will be stored in a database that will be quickly pulled up when a targeted customer visits the website.

Why You Should Make the Change

The Importance of Personalization

A personalized experience will come about as each individual customer will receive what they need at the time they need it. This will allow for an increase in traffic for the cumulative customers that now trust in your brand. After all, smart content is customer-driven because of marketers selecting certain topics that appeal most to the customer and making it widely visible to the audience.

Boost ROI

Improving your ROI is a given when smart content is self-aware and able to learn and update from visitor activity on your website. Examples include how long they’re reading your content for, where they click, and if this leads to a further-down-the-funnel experience or not. This new age marketing technique will leave no room for flaws when your website is viewed.

Get Your Brand Out There

Unfortunately, less than 50% of the content that is produced by B2B brands engages their target audience. B2C produced content falls at a crippling 20% according to Brightedge research. It’s not a matter of if the content is of good quality, but if it is actually on the track of being seen and useful to a specific audience. Smart content is a way to be above the competition and actually allow your content to be seen.

With the importance of not only producing content but actually having it reach a targeted audience, changing with the times is necessary. Smart content will work to generate conversions, traffic and sales by allowing your website to be seen from exposing high-demand topics most relevant to your audience.

Let your work be cut out for you as you look further into developing smart content of your own.

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