HIMSS 19: Masterminds in Medicine and Technology

HIMSS 19 has come and gone and if you’re like most attendees, you are finally rested enough to reflect on what was.

Between February 11th and February 15th, over 45,000 people landed in Orlando, FL for one thing...HIMSS! Each year, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) assembles a global conference and exhibition to bring like-minded individuals to the intersection of healthcare technology and education. Healthcare leaders, health IT enthusiasts and marketing teams alike come together to learn more about “the education, innovation, and collaboration they need to transform health through information and technology.”

Lotus Digital was excited to join Geneia at HIMSS this year where we helped the innovative healthcare analytic solutions and services company chronicle their social narrative at the big show.

In between live tweeting, breakout sessions and all of the week’s happenings, we were proud to help facilitate a live dialogue between a group of top health technology influencers with a large health IT news organization and couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome - stay tuned for the full discussion coming in mid-March!

This blog wouldn’t be fully complete if we didn’t share our five key takeaways from this year’s show experience:

  • People want more consumer-centric healthcare experiences;
  • Healthcare technology will only become more digitally entrenched in our lives - we must integrate it most effectively;
  • Physicians and care teams alike are feeling more burnt out than ever and the industry is rallying together to bridge the gap between medicine and technology;
  • Social factors, also known as ‘Social Determinants of Health’ will only have a greater impact in treating the ‘whole’ person and those who solve for these challenges now will prove successful later;
  • Healthcare organizations have to keep working to build trust with patients by leveraging top-notch technology, building A+ experiences and celebrating better health outcomes, especially among the aging and chronic condition populations.

Have any to add? Let us know in the comments below!

It’s one week later and we’re still combing through the 200+ photos and videos. A special thanks to HIMSS for bringing together so many like-minded individuals.

Until next year!

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